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Finding a job can feel like a job in itself. Writing cover letters, scheduling interviews, and keeping track of applications can be very time consuming and may require more time than you have. If you need help with your engineering job search, connecting with Triple Crown might be the best solution to help you find your next opportunity.  

Two heads are better than one, well what about 70? We have 70+ team members that are providing clients with talent solutions and placing candidates on a new assignment each week. A recruiter makes the process more efficient by identifying opportunities that align with your experience.

Stay Organized  

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and so is the job market. Those of you that are trying to navigate your job search solo, I don’t know how you do it. When I speak to a new engineer, they get confused and flustered on the logistics of their applications and statuses.  

Do you have tools in place to keep track of where you apply? What about a system to keep track of feedback from the client? How do you know what the going hourly rate is for your position? Recruiters have the tools and systems in place to keep you organized and are in constant communication with hiring managers. This removes the task of having to follow up with managers and asking for feedback. Additionally, a recruiter’s goal is to help you, so we will constantly present you with opportunities that match your experience. This means two times the effort is going into your job search, increasing the possibility of finding better roles and landing your next job sooner.

More Opportunities  

Triple Crown has been around for 17 years which has led us to create a vast network of clients and long-standing relationships with hiring managers. A company like Triple Crown has over 150 clients that we serve, and we add to that number daily. We know people in every industry and from all size companies. In today’s market, it is all about who you know.  

I hear a lot of engineers say they have a large network, or their friends are going to refer them, but that can only get you so far in your career. A recruiter can put your resume on a manager’s desk today and schedule you an interview on the spot! We also have an account management team who continually work towards building new relationships with clients and acquiring new job openings that turn into opportunities for you. Many of these job openings are not posted on online job boards, clients work exclusively with us to fill the roles, which means working with a recruiter allows you to get access, you otherwise would not have.

We Want To Help You  

First and foremost, you have someone on your side fighting for your best interest. Recruiters are experts when it comes to matching you with a client need and are knowledgeable about the job market and industry. This allows Recruiters to provide you with advice and guidance that can set you apart from the competition. Let us do the heavy lifting. We’ll send your resume, schedule and keep your interviews organized, will always negotiate in your favor.   

Connect with us today to learn more about our services and how we can support your job search.