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Expert Life Sciences Recruitment and Consulting Services

Life Sciences
Innovation and Solutions

Highly regulated life sciences sectors demand highly skilled expertise. Trust Triple Crown Consulting for talent and solutions that exceed requirements for quality and compliance.


Apply and adapt biological processes across diverse sectors and scenarios with remarkable talent that develops successful and state-of-the-art technologies and products.


Where medicine, technology, and engineering intersect, the Triple Crown team is there to develop medical devices.


Develop new drugs and therapies with full lifecycle clinical, regulatory, and commercialization solutions.

Accelerate Quality and Speed-to-Market in Life Sciences

You can’t afford delays or disruptions at any point in the product lifecycle. Triple Crown gets that. 

We also understand the critical role your quality management system plays in adhering to regulatory standards and delivering the best product to your customers.

Non-compliance is non-negotiable

Triple Crown responds with talent and strategies for success at every phase, from R&D and manufacturing to commercialization–and back again, as learnings are used to improve future versions.

Rely on Our Network of Life Sciences Experts

Getting the right scientific, technical, quality, and regulatory talent on board and ramped up can make the difference between getting ahead and falling behind. 

For decades, we’ve delivered hardware, software, and circuit board engineering to life sciences companies. 

Today, Triple Crown’s capabilities have expanded across the full scope of scientific, technical, and regulatory areas for biotech products, medical devices, delivery systems, drug therapies, and more. 

Our Top Five Roles

Regulatory Affairs

Development Scientist

Research Technician

Applications Scientist

Quality Management & Assurance

This is just a snapshot. Where do you need talent?

Life Sciences Expertise in Action

Triple Crown supports the world’s most innovative and dynamic life sciences companies.
Our program leaders and recruiters bring decades of experience to biotechnology, biomedical, 
and pharmaceutical firms.

New Horizons in Medical Devices 
and Biologics

Increasing complexity in biomedical applications heightens the need for specialized and multi-disciplinary talent. Triple Crown responds with speed and precision.

  • Adherence to FDA regulatory compliance and GMP standards, plus global quality system standards including:
  • IEC 62304
  • ISO 13485 
  • ISO 9001
  • Support for Class l, ll, and lll devices
  • Integrity and quality at the core

Pharmaceutical Success
Depends on Skilled Talent

Drug and delivery system development carries significant risk at each phase, from research to commercialization. Triple Crown streamlines and simplifies the entire process, start-to-finish.

  • Access to development scientists and research technicians for early stages
  • Prototyping and clinical management support
  • Experience navigating FDA regulatory compliance
  • Application scientists and go-to-market specialists for successful and sustainable commercialization

Looking to Advance Your Life Sciences Career?

Triple Crown Consulting empowers engineers, scientists, regulatory professionals, and technicians with flexible and rewarding career options. Work with a recruiting team who understands your life’s work and connects you to amazing opportunities.

Gain Flexibility
and Get Ahead

Triple Crown Consulting builds strategies, teams, and products across the life sciences spectrum. Making an impact on the health, safety, and well-being of consumers drives us—and the clients we serve—forward. 

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