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Talent Accelerates Innovation

Determined, Resilient,
and Prepared

When it comes to exceptional engineering services, Triple Crown Consulting is a “whatever it takes” firm. No shortcuts, no excuses. Just a readiness to work hard and empower our candidates, clients, and colleagues to make an impact.

Deeply Embedded Values

Our long-standing values of hard work and accountability have shaped the company we are today. We embrace adaptability and continue to propel forward together through creativity and unwavering dedication, every single day.


Holding ourselves and each other to the commitments we make. Taking ownership of our actions. Embrace mistakes. Learn from them.


Constantly seek, embrace, and accept change. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable and know that if we’re not continuously changing and evolving, we are failing.

Hard Work

Putting forth a great deal of effort and endurance in our pursuit of victory. All of the work we do is done with a purpose and a larger goal in mind. Even the smallest details play a key role and impact the end result.


Act promptly and with the intention to make things happen efficiently and effectively. 
We thrive on operating under a sense of urgency mindset.


Trust is earned through honesty with our partners, both internal and external. Recognizing success and discussing failures promotes growth. It is only from a place of truth that we can actually grow.


Be better today than we were yesterday. Challenge ourselves, each other, and the status quo to reach our full potential.


Relationships deliver results. We’re all about providing great service to candidates, customers, and to each other. What you put in is what you get out.


Striving to maintain a constant stream of information between everyone. Working together towards organizational goals across all functions.

Meet Our Team

We’re entrepreneurs at heart. Triple Crown is a company made up of experts, engineers, activators, and innovators. We’re also real people whose passion for what we do is crystal clear.

David Smith

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Sab Guerriero

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Padma Sunkara

Co-Founder & Chief Project Officer

Mike Dansby

Chief Financial Officer

Rachel Hopper

Chief of Staff

Victoria Logan

VP of Sales

Sarah Fletcher

Director of Accounting

Ian Talty

Director of Recruiting

Alexia Johnston

Director of Sales

Martin Lopez

Director of Operations

Danielle Weitzman

Marketing Manager

Ed Pastelak

Director of Engineering

Brad Boekes

Director of Technical Programs

Jeff Sabuda

Chief of Silicon

A Team Built on Connections

Join the Triple Crown team and get ready to redefine success in big, ambitious ways. As an innovative leader in the industry, Triple Crown offers talented, competitive professionals the opportunity to not just be a part of something big but, to do big things and achieve big success.

Team Built

Add your spark to a team that’s driven, passionate, and tough. We put in the work and have fun doing it.

Elevating Careers

Here, you’ll get ample opportunities for learning and development to take your career to the next level.

Rewarding Hard Work

Our workplace rewards those who strive for more. The harder you work, the more skills you gain, and the more success you will see.

We Are Hiring

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