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Technology continues to be a driving force when it comes to transforming business. It streamlines processes and allows us to get more done in a day. At Triple Crown, we wanted to take it a step further when it came to solving our clients and candidates pain points. A few years ago, we saw a need to bring you, the candidate and client, a tool that would address your job search and hiring needs in a more efficient and accessible way.

Digital Transformation

Technology is constantly evolving and innovating to support the current and future needs of consumers. If organizations want to stay on top in their industry, they must continue to evolve.  From healthcare to finance, all industries are embracing digital transformation. Years ago, our C suite team had a vision about Triple Crown providing a digital platform that brought ease to our candidates when it came to finding their next position and ease to our clients when it came to hiring, and that is exactly what we did. Ever since the idea of bringing a digital platform to our recruiting process, our team has been hard at work developing and now promoting our tool, Triple Crown On Demand. 

How It Works For Clients  

Clients in our network can review and access our available pre-vetted candidates at their convenience. We understand that hiring needs come up sporadically and sometimes you want to better understand the type of talent on the market.  

 Top Features Include:  

  • Search for candidates by skills, keyword, location, and date available  
  • Save searches and get notified when someone meets your needs 
  • Filter by those who have worked for Triple Crown  
  • Inquire about candidates  
  • Schedule interviews and buy our service  

When a client inquiries about additional information, requests an interview, or is ready to buy our service, our team is alerted to either start the interview or onboarding process immediately. Never writing a job description again is one advantage of partnering with Triple Crown!  Request Access Today.

How It Works For Candidates 

Through our new tool candidates now have access to all active Triple Crown jobs and they can both apply and refer colleagues at their convenience.  

Top Features Include:  

  • Search jobs by skills and location  
  • Apply to jobs  
  • Setup job alerts and get notified when a new job meets your criteria  
  • Get updates on your application  
  • Refer friends to the tool or specific job

When a candidate applies to a position its immediately synced into our system and our team is notified and will follow up as necessary. Stop missing top opportunities, working with Triple Crown is better than being on your own!
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Efficiency and Convenience

Consumers now expect companies to provide multiple avenues through which they can access information. We listened and we made Triple Crown On Demand accessible for clients to access through their desktop or tablet. The Triple Crown On Demand mobile app version, (available for iOS and Android) is for candidates that are constantly on the go and for those that want access anywhere at any time. This ensures they will not miss an opportunity!

Our recruiting and account management team can now work more efficiently. On average we add about 10+ jobs per day and at any time have over 120 active jobs. Our team does their best to provide solutions on the spot, but hey we are all human and can only get so much done in a day. Giving clients access to view our available, pre-vetted candidates and providing a tool for candidates to apply to our open job opportunities is key to making a successful connection between the two.

Technology has created amazing tools and resources, putting useful information at our fingertips. The future of consumer-based needs points to a mobile app or portal. Giving candidates control over when and what jobs to apply to is becoming an expectation. Platforms, like Triple Crown On Demand, are bringing our candidates and clients together faster than the competition.

Want to learn more about Triple Crown On Demand and how it can assist you? Please reach out to