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The job market today is the busiest that we have seen since probably era in regards to engineers being in demand. It’s a very exciting market for candidates but it can be challenging for our clients who need that type of talent. The demand for hardware engineers with a background in ASIC, RTL, OVM and Verification is the highest that I’ve seen in my career. Now that we are in a market where the demand for hardware engineers is higher than the supply it shakes things up and starts to push clients out of their comfort zones. As an expert in this space, for over twenty years, I understand how to navigate through the ebb and flows of hiring engineering contractors.  

Here are three ways that you can adapt and start attracting hardware engineers.  

1. Move with a sense of urgency

Have urgency and prioritize the candidate experience. The best way to make a good first impression with an engineering candidate is to move quickly and be decisive. When you view a candidates resume, make a decision immediately on if you want to interview them. When It comes to the actual interview keep it under 30 minutes. Although you are the hiring manager, you need to accept that interviewing is a two way street in our current market, and the candidate is interviewing you and comparing your opportunity to others. If the candidate seems like a good fit, don’t waste time and extend them an offer on the spot. The reality is that we are in a candidates market and they are getting approached by multiple companies and recruiters so the faster you move the faster you can secure them on your team. You can also partner with Triple Crown to expedite this process. Let us know your needs, we’ll vet out candidates, interview them and extend the offer on your behalf.

2. Keep an open mind

When it comes to compensation understand that when the supply is low and the demand is high, it drives up the rate of the candidate. In our current market you need to have an open mind when it comes to your budget. Make a competing offer that not only attracts the engineer but will retain them throughout their contract. Inflation is very real right now and it’s the biggest challenge that many businesses are facing. Why? Because its causing uncertainty around costs. Candidates are now in a position where they can dictate their hourly rates which can be uncomfortable for clients. Similar to the real estate market, bidding wars are happening between clients in all industries for hard to find talent. Something to think about is how realistic is it that are you going to hit your project deadline without the engineer? Nine times out of ten they are going to be worth the cost.

3. Sell the opportunity

We’ve already established that if you like a candidate you need to be decisive, move quickly and pay a premium. You also need to sell the candidate on the opportunity that you can give them! What cutting edge technology are you working on? What other engineers will they be working with? How are you doing different than your competitors and other engineering teams? Engineers are interested in working on innovative products that will challenge them and make an impact

If you are a client, we understand the challenges and frustrations you may be facing. In our recent blog The Future of Workforce Solutions we explain and introduce our new hiring tool, Triple Crown On Demand. Our digital platform brings ease and convenience when it comes to hiring. Since the beginning of 2021, Triple Crown has placed over 100 ASIC, Verification and RTL engineers on different teams across the country, with a 93% success rate. We are equipped with the talent and are knowledgeable within the market to help fill your hiring needs today. Below is a glimpse of our Triple Crown On Demand portal. You can see that we have over 60+ available and pre-vetted ASIC engineers that you can access through our tool today! Our top features include searching for candidates, scheduling interviews and buying our service on the spot.  

If you are interested in gaining access to our tool, please email