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As a recruiting lead at Triple Crown, I am constantly immersed in the day-to-day operations of providing our candidates with engineering opportunities. Right now, we are taking 12+ new job openings per day and 40% of these openings are for embedded software positions. Although we have a vast network of specialized engineers, we are constantly looking to grow and educate our candidates on market trends. Here are the most in demand software skills and programming languages right now.  

Software Skills To Know 

The top programming languages that clients are needing right now across all industries are C and C++. These are the most basic languages, but a lot of companies are developing new products, departments and even starting from scratch. C is the main programming language that is commonly used for embedded devices and OS kernels where C++ evolved from C and is commonly used for apps, browsers, and graphics heavy software. Being proficient in one of these languages can help you land an interview and more importantly a placement.  

A tech trend that we have seen over the last year is having the capability and knowledge to work closely with firmware engineers. These are the popular tech skills we are seeing: linux, real-time, kernel and driver development. Many clients need engineers to not only have a good understanding of this skillset but also have experience working closely with the actual hardware and be able to communicate effectively with hardware engineers.  

The type of projects that are demanding these embedded skills range from artificial intelligence, virtual reality to aerospace and military applications.  

As we approach the end of the year and companies start stacking their team for 2022, make sure you learn how you can stay marketable in the industry. If you are a contract engineer, please connect with me on LinkedIn and stay updated on the market.