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Have you noticed that Python has become a more popular programming language in the last year? It seems like each week Python is making headlines for its popularity and functionality. As a talent provider, we have seen demand steadily increase for engineers to have a strong understanding of Python. Recruiting Team Lead, Ian Talty from our Portsmouth office shares what you should know about the programming language. 

What’s appealing about Python?

Unlike other programming languages, Python has a reputation for being easy to learn which would explain the continuous demand and adoption. Due to its ease of learning and usage, Python can be easily written and executed faster than other programming languages. One thing that makes it so easy is it has many pre-built libraries and frameworks like Django and Flask.  

Who is using the programming language?

Engineers working on projects related to web design, artificial intelligence, embedded software, and data science are who we see using Python the most. One trend we have noticed is ride sharing apps using AI and Python together. As ride share companies continue to grow their users and expand their locations, we have seen an increase in Python development needed for their mobile applications to predict user demand and even estimate arrival times. When it comes to industries, we are seeing everything from Aerospace, and Finance to Healthcare utilizing engineers with Python experience. One example would be Fintech companies using Python developers for Data Analysis and Data Mining as they develop new technology to support their customers.  

Python is here to stay

 It doesn’t look like the demand for Python will be declining anytime soon. Whether you’re a software engineer, web developer or a data scientist, Python continues to top the charts for must-know programming languages. It is enhancing its applications in almost every field which offers a variety of functionalities. Overall, Python enables you to achieve more in less time, making it one of the top sought after programming languages. 

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