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If you are an engineer with a hardware background you already know your skillset is amongst the highest in demand in today’s job market. The pandemic positively affected the tech industry by changing how we think, communicate, and overall live which led to a higher demand for engineers to create, test and manufacture products.  

Technology has always been a growing sector. In the last 18 months businesses and consumers have been more adaptable and eager to utilize new products and services which has led to the increased demand of hardware engineers. Think of how far technology has come and the development of smart IOT products on the market. Whether they are building products that support the healthcare industry or developing apps to save time, technical engineers are working on cutting-edge technology that’s changing how we live and do business.   

Here is more insight on the most sought-after hardware engineers.  

Top engineers in today’s job market  

Hardware engineers that have expertise in ASIC Design, RTL, FPGA, STA, Physical Design, DFT and UVM Verification are in high demand. Where there is a software engineer working on a project there is a hardware engineer that is also needed. What exactly do hardware engineers do? They design, develop, and test computer systems and components such as processors, circuit boards, memory devices and routers. A lot of the projects they work on also involve programming chipsets that power electronic devices we use. 

How the demand is making an impact  

The high demand for specialized hardware engineers is a mix of resignations, lack of supply and higher demand from companies. The pandemic led us to the global chip shortage which initiated the need for nationwide hardware engineers. On top of that, technology is growing at a rapid rate, and we are all trying to keep up and adapt as we go. According to Career Explorer there are only 73,600 computer hardware engineers in the U.S and the hardware job market is expected to grow by 2.7 % by 2026.  Where software engineers have 831,000 candidates in the U.S and are also expected to grow by 15.2 % by 2030. There are simply not enough hardware engineers to go around.  

We are in a unique position where we have more jobs than candidates which allows the candidate to drive the market. A few things that our team is seeing are candidates increasing their pay rate by at least 10% from last year, candidates receiving 3-4 offers at once and bidding wars happening between clients. All clients are competing against each other’s technology so having the best talent is their top priority.  

Competing in the market  

From a recruiting perspective, we know these engineers are going to stay in high demand as technology continues to advance. With candidates having more job opportunities than ever before, we are also having to compete for their loyalty and partnership.  As an expert in this space, for over twenty years, Co-Founder Sabatino Guerriero gives advice on what you can do right now to attract and retain hardware engineers. 

Overall, engineers have countless options in our job market, but hardware professionals are the most sought-after experts. If you want to learn more about market trends and how we can support your hiring needs or job search, connect with me today.