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Why partner with Triple Crown when you have a talent acquisitions or HR team? Because we are experts in our space and provide solutions to your most in demand hiring needs quickly and efficiently. Now that remote hiring and onboarding has become a reality for many clients, your talent pool is larger than ever before which can make the vetting and interviewing process more challenging. Partnering with us saves you time and allows you to stay productive and efficient while still managing your projects.

Save Time & Energy 

We are in an era where technology is thriving and, in some cases, it cannot be innovated or built fast enough. With technology at the forefront, there comes a high demand for engineers to write the code, build the hardware and connect the two.  

The process of prescreening candidates can be a full-time job and limit you from your day-to-day operations. Turning to a trusted partner can save your business time and money. We review resumes and vet out candidates, ensuring hiring managers are always interviewing qualified candidates for the role. Clients can stay focused on their respective projects rather than having to learn staff augmentation.   

Work With Experts

We know you are busy creating new products and delivering software, so allow Triple Crown to deliver talent solutions to you. We are experts when it comes to delivering software, hardware, and mechanical engineers to project-based needs. Our team works around the clock building relationships with candidates and employers across all engineering skillsets and industries, allowing them to gain knowledge on real time market changes. 

With the job market constantly shifting we understand that it can be a challenge to keep up with trends which is why we will also provide real time market analysis to you including trends, market rates, and expertise in high demand.  

Delivering Excellence 

Being able to deliver candidates by leveraging trust can only be accomplished by developing long term relationships and constant communication with these engineers. At Triple Crown, we have one dedicated recruiter per candidate that can speak to their situation and confirm that the candidate will be able to complete the project.  

Talent access is what allows our team and others in our space to deliver excellence. When companies reach out to us, they are buying the relationships. Sourcing candidates is only a small part of recruiting. Firms dive beyond that to truly understand candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. A process that cannot always happen through a keyword search or brief interview. 

If you are interested in learning more on how Triple Crown operates or how we can deliver talent solutions to your team, connect with us today.