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Triple Crown Expands Operations into Life Sciences Vertical, Launches Dedicated Office in Phoenix, AZ.

Triple Crown, a nationwide leader in providing engineering services and talent solutions, is thrilled to announce its expansion into the life sciences industry. As of 2024, Triple Crown has been recognized as a fastest growing staffing firm, ranking in the top one percent of all firms in the United States. Triple Crown will provide talent solutions and engineering services in the life sciences sector. This strategic move capitalizes on our core competencies in sourcing top-tier talent and delivering unparalleled solutions tailored to client needs. Excitingly, we’ve established a dedicated office in Phoenix, AZ, signaling our commitment to bolstering resources for organizations operating in life sciences.

“We have lofty and ambitious goals”, said Triple Crown CEO David Smith. “We excel at finding high end, hard-to-find talent, which lines up nicely with the demands of life science clients”. “Out of the 150 clients that we work with, 25 of them already operate in this space, providing us with the resources and connections needed to make an immediate impact in the industry”.

The expansion into the life sciences vertical represents a significant milestone for Triple Crown as it diversifies its portfolio and positions itself for exponential growth. Leveraging its expertise in engineering and cutting-edge technologies, Triple Crown is poised to deliver tailored solutions that address the complex challenges faced by life sciences companies.

The upcoming office will be under the leadership of Daryn Cubba, the new Site Lead for the life Sciences division in Phoenix, AZ. With eight years of experience in both recruiting and leadership, Daryn will be overseeing an experienced team of account managers and recruiters. Triple Crown’s decision to establish a dedicated office highlights our commitment to providing an environment conducive to maximum focus and immersion. Recognizing the specialized talent that life sciences require, Triple Crown has crafted an equally specialized facility to meet these requirements.

“We’re excited for this new challenge and opportunity” said Daryn, “We’re approaching this opportunity with a start-up mentality, bringing a high level of excitement, energy, and focus to this new vertical.” “What gives us a leg up on the competition, is our proven approach, allowing us to attack the industry by adhering to the core values that have made us successful”.   

With its expansion into the life sciences industry, Triple Crown is positioned to deliver talent solutions and services to the nation’s top life science clients. Companies that are seeking urgent solutions to their most complex engineering problems should reach out to Triple Crown for assistance.   

About Triple Crown:

Triple Crown is a leading provider of hard-to-find talent solutions and services, specializing in hardware, software, mechanical engineering and life sciences. With a team of dedicated and experienced employees and a proven track record of success, Triple Crown delivers innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of its clients across the hardware, software, and mechanical engineering space. By combining technical expertise with a customer-centric approach, Triple Crown aims to become a trusted partner for life sciences companies seeking innovative engineering solutions.

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