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As project-based work becomes increasingly popular, managers must establish plans to secure top-level talent. Identifying the key skillsets that they may need to complete projects is crucial and contract specialists are often the best solution. Triple Crown’s TPM (Technical Program Manager), shares some of his best methodologies for recruiting temporary workers.

The Value of Outsourcing Specialized Talent

Having the ability to bring on contract specialists enables companies to scale and deliver their projects on time. Many organizations do not have the network to quickly recruit specialized engineering talent, especially when projects have targets that involve a quick turnaround. Our TPM emphasized that our contractors’ niche skillsets have brought immense value when he was a client and manager. As a leader in the staffing industry, Triple Crown provides various engineering solutions and is equipped to deliver quality embedded, hardware and software specialists. Whether you need to utilize our design services team or bring on one specialist, our solutions can solve your most challenging demands.

Triple Crown’s Consultative Approach

The hiring according, as our TPM terms it, is a common pain point for companies. Permanent hires come with longer hiring cycles, making it more difficult to capitalize on investments quickly. An advantage of contractors is that they allow clients to acquire resources for the precise length of time that is needed. Triple Crown addresses client needs proactively, giving us the unique ability to quickly assemble expert teams. Our dedicated staff strategically consults with clients to help strategize their project needs and form solutions before demands rise. This consultative approach puts our clients at ease knowing we have immediate talent solutions that are available.

Preparing for 2024

Planning for attrition throughout the year is crucial. Triple Crown’s TPM advises engineering leaders to embrace uncertainty by engaging with contract experts early on. Being proactive in forecasting allows for mitigation of missed deadlines. It’s easier to pre-fetch solutions that to invent something when faced with an emergency. Lack of time can no longer serve as an excuse, as clients now have resources to help streamline and execute their projects. Start conversations ahead of time to prepare for any future challenges that will arise during the next year.

Triple Crown’s approach offers a strategic advantage in the fast-paced world of engineering. By leveraging contract hires, and planning for uncertainties, companies can set themselves up for success as the new year approaches. Email today to speak with a Triple Crown Account Manager and learn more about our engineering capabilities, as quality projects are built on having the right people.