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As project-based work continues to increase, businesses need to have a clear hiring strategy in place to ensure they attract the best talent. Historically, clients have been resistant to hiring contractors due to their reliability and employment risks. Today, temporary workers are making a significant impact in the workforce by closing the skills gap and allowing organizations to meet their deadlines and achieve their goals. If you are a manager who is looking to hiring contractors, your strategy must be different than hiring permanent employees. Triple Crown Co-Founder and CEO, David Smith, shares his strategies for hiring temporary workers.  

Have The Correct Mind Set

There has got to be a mindset shift when you transition from hiring permanent workers to temporary workers. One of the biggest trends we continue to see is clients applying the same hiring approach with temporary workers as they would with permanent employees. The purpose of hiring a temporary worker is to address an urgent project need rather than a long-term commitment. Here is what you need to consider before you start your hiring process:

  • Start with the END of your project in mind.
  • Focus more on a candidate’s skillset and experience rather than if they are a good culture fit
  • Be specific with the necessary requirements for your project
  • Move quickly and be decisive during the interview and hiring process

Attacking the market with the right mindset will help you build a solid foundation and give you confidence as you go into the hiring process to secure the best talent.

Preparation Is Key

There will always be a war for good talent, especially those with a niche skillset and especially if we are in a competitive market. Today more companies are utilizing contractors which means there’s more competition for the best engineers. According to Teamstage, over 50% of the US workforce is likely to participate in contract work by 2027. Here are three proactive strategies to keep up with the projected growth:

  • Create a manpower plan that will allow you to reach your business goals
  • establish your budget and make sure it aligns with your business plan
  • start preparing four weeks in advance before the project’s start date

By being proactive, you can confidently secure the best talent and move your business in the right direction. The savviest clients in the industry are the ones who will take guidance from their staffing partners and apply these strategies.

It’s clear that project-based work is becoming the future of the workforce. Those who recognize and lean into this trend are more likely to be successful and viewed as top leaders in their industry. As you start to embrace the trend of temporary workers remember that a correct mindset and preparation are the most important. Implementing these strategies can increase the likelihood of you finding skilled and reliable engineers who can contribute to your projects. If you need support with your project-based projects, reach out to us today and we can help.

More importantly, BE DECISIVE!!