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Whether you are an experienced contractor or just starting out, it’s important to have a set plan in place while you are on assignment. Seasoned contractors don’t wait for the end date to arrive, instead they take the initiative and are proactive when transitioning from one project to the next. In today’s competitive market, being aggressive with your approach can significantly impact whether you receive an extension or get placed on another contract. CEO and Co-Founder of Triple Crown, David Smith, explains how to proactively stay on assignment. 

Get a Project Extension  

If you’re six to eight weeks out from your project end date and have not heard from your recruiter, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask if there is a possibility for an extension. Taking this initiative demonstrates your continued interest in the company and overall project. This also allows the existing client enough time to make adjustments to their budget and reevaluate their manpower plan. The key to staying on assignment is effectively communicating and being transparent with your recruiter to prevent any opportunities from slipping through the cracks. 

Transitioning To Your Next Assignment 

If you prefer to stay on assignment but are interested in a different client, then start looking six to eight weeks before your end date. Be sure to update your resume with your latest experience and communicate with your recruiter about your next job requirements (geographical location, project details, and compensation). During this time, your recruiter will start marketing you to other clients to help secure your next project. Now that contract work is so prevalent, this is the route that many candidates take to diversify their skillset and grow their personal brand. As the demand for contract engineers continues to grow, the more opportunities you will have to stay on assignment.  

With more companies adapting to project-based work, transitioning to your next assignment can be seamless. The key is to start this process six to eight weeks before your project end date occurs and to be communicative with your recruiter. To learn more about how Triple Crown can support you, please reach out to us today!