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Whether you need extra hands for an urgent project or seek a partnership dedicated to delivering your goals, opting for a third-party vendor is the best solution. Triple Crown delivers expert engineering services for embedded, software, hardware, and mechanical projects nationwide. We specialize in building teams through engineering services or providing individual experts through staff augmentation. While both outsourcing models are highly effective, the best strategy depends on your team and its end goals. Knowing the differences will help you determine which model is most suitable for your organization. Explore the following to discover the details and benefits of each service. 

What is Engineering Services? 

Engineering services involve a third-party vendor taking responsibility for managing, maintaining, and monitoring aspects of a project to completion. The managed service provider (MSP) will assume responsibility for delivering defined goals. This allows companies to focus on other business requirements, while benefiting from the outsourced functions of a project. Managed services are recommended if companies are facing challenges with managing and maintaining in-house business functions. This is the best option for ongoing, long-term project support. 

Triple Crown’s flexible engagement models accommodate resource needs ranging from one engineer to over 100. As a top managed service provider, we are proud of our in-house capabilities to help support any phase of a project. We handle everything from scoping the project, to identifying resources and delivering services that are customized and tailored to your project demands. Trust Triple Crown to not only identify problems but also to take them off your plate, guiding you from initial scoping to on-time delivery. 

What is Staff Augmentation? 

Staff augmentation, on the other hand, involves hiring external resources to supplement and support a company’s existing team temporarily. The most common use occurs when a client needs to fill skill gaps on their team to complete short-term projects. This model allows you to address business demands quickly without the commitment of hiring full-time talent. Staff augmentation saves time and effort in finding the right candidate, making it a great option for temporary help. With our immediate talent solutions, you can get right to the urgent task at hand and overcome challenges that require specialized skill sets. Staff Augmentation is the best choice if you want to maintain control of your project while benefiting from additional engineering experts. 

Your Partner for Engineering Resources 

Opting for an engineering partner is a great solution, whether you need additional hands on your team, or a service partnership dedicated to achieving specific goals. Understanding the different resources that we offer empowers businesses to make effective decisions based on their project deliverables. Put your trust in Triple Crown to help you navigate and choose the right solutions for your business. Whether it’s building teams through managed services or addressing specific functional needs, Triple Crown’s tailored approach combines flexibility with speed. Connect with us today by emailing so we can help support your most urgent engineering projects.