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Austin, Texas, March 5, 2020 – Triple Crown Consulting, a technology recruitment firm filling hard-to-find senior tech roles through its vast talent network, today announced the creation of three U.S. regions to better manage growth and has promoted three of its executives to lead each area. Monica Jackson, Regional Vice President, West; Laura Lee Harris, Regional Vice President, Central; and Kyle Raymond, Regional Vice President, East, will each manage sales and recruiting in their respective territories.

“Monica, Laura Lee and Kyle have proven themselves as Triple Crown top performers. Establishing three regions will enable us to grow Triple Crown in the fastest and most efficient way possible while at the same time leveraging the talent we have in these three leaders,” said Dave Smith, Triple Crown Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder. “Our five-year goal is to grow 20% year over year, and I’m confident this leadership team will get us there.”

Smith added, “We are proud of our ability to organically create our leaders from within the organization. Every person in a leadership position at the company today started as a Triple Crown Technical Recruiter or Account Manager. We don’t hire leaders; we train them and develop them in our system. The best ones rise to the challenge and continuously stretch their boundaries. Monica, Laura Lee and Kyle are the best of the best.”

Monica Jackson has been a leader at Triple Crown for more than seven years. She started as Account Manager in the San Francisco Bay Area, and shortly thereafter rose to Team Lead where she led a group of nine account managers and technical recruiters. Her relationships and knowledge of tech talent led to her promotion to Site Manager of the San Jose office, and during her tenure in this role she grew the office by 30% year over year and trained and mentored more than 20 team members. She then worked as Director of California Operations, overseeing both the San Jose and newly opened Costa Mesa office. As Regional Vice President, West, Jackson’s next challenge is expanding Triple Crown’s business up the West Coast into Washington, Oregon and Nevada.

Laura Lee Harris has worked with Triple Crown out of the Austin headquarters for almost six years. After starting in 2014, she quickly climbed the ranks and was promoted to Sales Lead after one year. She was then promoted to Business Unit Manager, where she was responsible for team development as well as production on both the sales and recruiting sides. As Regional Vice President, Harris is now dedicated to fueling sales throughout the central U.S. and leading the recruiting teams in both the Phoenix and Austin offices. Her next growth targets are Colorado, Illinois and Utah.

Kyle Raymond has been instrumental in growing Triple Crown’s business for seven years. Starting in Austin, he received several promotions until he reached Business Unit Manager, where he led a team of eight and expanded national market share. When Triple Crown decided to establish a presence on the East Coast, Raymond was the first choice to oversee the company’s operations there. In 2018 he opened an office in Portsmouth, NH, and grew the Triple Crown client roster up and down the East Coast. With the Research Triangle Region’s increased focus on technology, in January 2020 Raymond established an office in Raleigh-Durham, NC, to better connect the area’s tech companies and candidates. He is now responsible for sales and recruiting along the entire East Coast. He has a voracious appetite for rapidly accelerating the company’s East Coast presence to match that of its Central and West regions.  His next targets include Nashville, Atlanta, Philadelphia and Washington, DC. 

A map of Triple Crown’s Western, Central and Eastern regions can be found here.

About Triple Crown Consulting

Triple Crown Consulting fuels the digital economy with senior, project-based software and hardware technology professionals. We specialize in filling software and hardware roles across all high-tech industries, from military technology development to consumer electronics, semiconductors, artificial intelligence, machine learning, aerospace, automotive, medical devices and more. Giving us speed no recruiting agency can match and relationships no recruiting technology can form, our unique, unrelenting recruiting model results in ready access to sought-after technology innovators.

Software and hardware experts nationwide turn to Triple Crown to work on challenging projects where trails are blazing and ground is breaking. Businesses and technology teams, from Fortune 500 enterprises to emerging startups, rely on our ability to rapidly place the developers, architects, coders, analysts and designers who engineer digital transformation and growth. 

Triple Crown is headquartered in Austin with offices in Scottsdale, San Jose, Costa Mesa, Portsmouth and Raleigh-Durham. For more information, visit

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