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A great recruiter-contractor partnership can be powerful. Whether a contractor is actively or passively job searching, a recruiter makes the process more efficient by identifying the opportunities that align with priorities, experience, wants and needs.

The day-to-day reality of this relationship can be full of misconceptions and misunderstandings, especially if expectations have not been set correctly.

The 4 Things I Wish Contractors Knew

We Make Mutual Matches

I recently spoke with an engineer in my network who is currently working as a defense contractor. We don’t have much of a relationship yet, but he appreciated the fact that I was following up with him. He is currently pursuing his security clearance, so while he appreciated the touch point, he is not currently in a position to consider anything else right now. Before we wrapped up the call, he asked if Triple Crown works in the defense sector and specifically if we are familiar with clearance work. I answered yes to both and I could tell he was surprised. He shared that he frequently gets reached out to by recruiters and staffing firms.  Most of the  recruiters he hears from do not seem to have looked very closely at his background.

This seemingly small anecdotal story represents one of the many common misconceptions about recruiters and staffing firms – that we’re playing buzzword bingo with resumes and job descriptions. This is not how we do business at Triple Crown.

Our objective is to make mutual matches between the companies and contractors we work with not just one time but over the course of a 20-30 year professional career. It does not make sense for us to work one side of the equation over the other. So, although companies are paying us to find them talented Tech professionals, it’s equally as important for us to find the right fit for those contractors too.  If a contractor isn’t happy or it’s not the right fit for them, it will show in their work and they will likely leave the contract early. We seek positive outcomes on both sides.  We can only achieve that if we foster long term and meaningful relationships on both sides. In our world, it’s all about making a mutual match.

We Provide More Information

In addition to a job description, recruiters are equipped with significant background information, which creates better matches. We often know the different hiring managers and their personalities and preferences, the team and project, and the backstory on why a job is open in the first place. We know the company culture and what it takes to make a successful match.  90% of the time, we have direct contact with our hiring managers.

All of this adds up to us knowing more and being able to prepare contractors for interviews and what to expect. A job description posted on a company website or a job board is one dimensional.  A briefing on a project and a company through a staffing firm like Triple Crown is multi-faceted and full of additional information. Not only does this enable contractors to be more prepared but it also enables them to make better decisions about whether or not the project and company are a fit for them in the first place.

We Are Connecting More Than Just the Dots

In another recent conversation with an engineer I have been working with, we discussed expanding his job search beyond his current location and the state where he lives. He had initially expressed wanting to stay close to home, but as we have discussed over the last several months, his niche skill set is not in as much demand where he lives as it is in other areas of the country. We talked about logistics, like finding temporary housing, and decided it was an avenue worth him pursuing.

Timing, location, work preferences, experience, compensation – a lot goes into making a great match. People change, wants and needs change, personal and professional circumstances change, and it’s a recruiter’s job to connect those dynamic dots to make great matches. Hint: This is also why we check in with you regularly – because we know things change.

We Care About the Future

In a niche market, like senior hardware and software engineering, the contractor pool is finite. As a recruiter, I care immensely about the relationships I am building – both with hiring managers and with contractors. In fact, the majority of the engineers I work with are referred to me by other engineers. The long-term play is our only game plan. Our network is highly specialized and there are intricacies we take into account before we start making any recommendations.

Communication is the fundamental building block of developing trust.  Trust, expertise and vision for the future is our focus.

Over to You

While I can’t change how other companies or recruiters do business, I can share with you our best practices and business model and explain how we are different. We are working with an exclusive network of both employers and contractors and we make better project placements because of the care, relationships and attention to detail we put into our work. If my team or I can do something for you, please reach out to us, send us your resume or connect with us