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The future of things is IoT. Not familiar? You’re not alone.

A quick overview: IoT is the Internet of Things. It’s where your gadgets and devices are all connected, working together. Think: smart homes.

Your thermostat, door locks and lights are all connected, making it easier to control all at once or in one place. They work together to learn your patterns and make life easier. These are things connected via the internet. Connected devices and smart devices are other words for IoT.

Careers in IoT

So, how do you get a job working in IoT? There are tons of jobs popping up all over and it seems every other candidate is interested in one of these jobs. Why? It’s everywhere. Every commercial you see or new gadget is connected and who doesn’t want to be part of making that happen? It’s a new and visible way to use software-developing skills. A lot is happening every day.

That also means there are lots of jobs in IoT. From home improvement to connected cars to the service industry, there are a lot of gadgets and software that need to be developed and perfected for IoT to work. And new products are surfacing every day.

In-demand IoT Skills

It’s a software-focused field, so while there is a place for hardware engineers, IoT is in need of software experts. That said it takes a village, a very skilled village, to make IoT work.

You may have noticed that security is a hot topic in all areas of tech, but IoT is getting hit the hardest. Keeping connected devices safe and secure is a huge part of building successful, trusted gadgets. User interface and user experience pros are also in high demand as companies build their IoT teams.

Beyond that, you must be a critical thinker, a collaborator and very persistent to succeed in IoT. It takes a lot of trial and error as well as working in teams to create useful, safe, connected devices. It may seem like a trendy job right now, but there’s a lot of work to do and lot of companies competing with each other to create the best products quickly.

New jobs are popping up all over. There might even be a CIoTO (Chief Internet of Things Officer) some day. In the meantime, there are project managers, business designers and AI experts needed to fulfill the IoT demand.

Are you ready?
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