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The tech industry experienced massive layoffs throughout the start of 2023. According to, more than 120,000 tech employees were laid off in the first few months. If you are a candidate who has recently been affected, there are many resources that can help you navigate your job search. Here are a few steps you can take if you have been laid off unexpectedly and are unsure about what to do next.  

Take a Break

You may feel pressured to immediately get back into the workforce but taking a break can be beneficial. Consider taking this time to decompress and explore new hobbies, skills, and interests. It’s important to keep an open mind and have a positive approach when moving forward. Your situation is only temporary and there are plenty of opportunities available for individuals with your skillset and experience. 

Lean on a Recruiter

A recruiter is an excellent resource for job seekers who have recently been laid off. They work with candidates to find opportunities that best reflect their skillset, experience, and work preferences. Connecting with a recruiter will also give you access to their exclusive network of clients. More importantly, recruiters can guide you on the latest job market trends, help format your resume, and provide you with exclusive job leads. If you feel you’re having a difficult time finding your next opportunity, try leaning on a recruiter to help save yourself valuable time in your job search.  

Utilize Contract Opportunities

If you are unsure about what position to take but prefer to have more free time, then try working as a contractor. Contract work is another reliable source of income that doesn’t involve the commitment of a permanent role. The additional skills and experiences that you gain within each role can help boost your resume. Taking on these smaller projects throughout your job search will allow you to stay engaged in the work force while continuing to advance in your profession. 

Network on Linkedin

As the largest networking platform, LinkedIn has the tools to help navigate your job search.  According to, LinkedIn has over 875 million members, 58 million registered companies, and 8 people get hired every minute. Start elevating your online presence and utilize the benefits of LinkedIn by connecting with other colleagues, friends, and previous employers. 

Getting laid off can be difficult but it’s not permanent. There are plenty of opportunities and resources available to help get you back into the workforce. Try utilizing a recruiter or researching contract opportunities during your job search. Need additional support? Reach out to us today and we’ll connect you with a Technical Recruiter.