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One of the most exciting benefits of contract work is that there are several paths you can take once your project is complete. Technical Recruiting Lead, Joe Dell shares his recommendations for anyone who is unsure about what to do next.  

On To The Next One

If you would like to get started right away on your next contract, don’t wait for your current project to wrap up. We suggest scheduling a one-on-one with your recruiter to go over your next position at least 6 weeks before the project end date. If you are satisfied with your current project, consider asking the hiring manager or your recruiter for an extension. Either way, taking a proactive approach is key.

Take Time Off

Being a contractor allows you to have the ultimate work life balance. It’s unique to have the autonomy to go on vacation, spend time with family, or complete house project in between projects. However, we do recommend taking no longer than 6 months off to prevent yourself from falling behind in the industry. 

Review Your Previous Experience

Another unique opportunity you get once your contract is complete is reflecting and figuring out the type of project you want to take on next. Here are some questions to think about

  • What are the pros and cons of your last project?
  • What type of technology do you want to work on?
  • Are you interested in working onsite or remote?

Taking a moment to reflect will help you narrow down which positions are best for you to start applying to.  

As your contract end date starts approaching think about which path you want to take. Take advantage of the downtime or the opportunity to immediately start working on a new project. Having this flexibility and autonomy is another unique benefit to working contract jobs over a permanent position. 

If you are unsure about how to navigate, allow us to take control. Our commitment is just like having a fine dining experience where you trust the expert server to hit all the right notes allowing you to relax and thoroughly enjoy the process. We strive to provide the same experience regarding your next project. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey.