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Whether you’re looking to make your first career move, or interested in leaving your current position, finding your next role can often be a challenging task. That’s why working with a recruiter can open doors and boost your search quickly and more efficiently. 

Technical Recruiter, Sam Glorit shares the benefits of working with a recruiter and how they can help streamline your job search.  

Market Insight

On a daily basis recruiters are interacting with clients, getting to know their hiring needs and who has upcoming needs for projects. Many times, a recruiter will get access to positions before they are publicly released which is called an exclusive. When a firm has an exclusive on a position it means that you have less competition and better chances of getting your resume reviewed and interviews scheduled. By maintaining that client relationship recruiters can also anticipate hiring needs and start mapping out hiring trends and skillset demands. They also have insight on compensation trends and can educate you on what the going rate is for your skillset and experience. Recruiters will always be able to provide the best market insight since they are experiencing it in real-time.

Managing The Logistics

The nice thing about working with a recruiter is they manage the logistics of your job search. Not only are they providing you positions, but they also schedule your interviews, and manage the onboarding and off-boarding process. When it comes to interviewing and applying, there are tools in place to keep your job applications and client feedback organized. Additionally, we are equipped to negotiate the contract on your behalf and present you with the best offer. Once you are on assignment recruiters are still checking in, making sure to support you as best we can. As your assignment comes to an end the recruiter will already have positions to present you and possibly have interviews in place.  

Navigating a competitive job market can be tough and time consuming so don’t try and do it alone. Partnering with a recruiter instantly gains you more access to exclusive jobs and ensures a higher success rate with interviews and assignments. At the end of the day, we always have your best interest in mind and want you to succeed. Be sure and connect with us today to see what opportunities are available and how we can be a resource to you.