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The purpose of a job interview is to allow both the candidate and client to exchange important information to understand if they are a good fit for each other. While the preparation can be time-consuming, it does not have to be. Technical Recruiting Lead, Zach Bossi, shares three steps you can take to start preparing for your next interview.  

It’s A Two Way Street

The first thought that needs to go into the mind of every candidate is that it’s not a one-way interview. You are interviewing the client as much as they are interviewing you to ensure it’s a good fit. Be prepared with questions you have for the hiring manager about the project, software programs, chips, nanometers etc. Coming prepared with questions will show the hiring manager that you are serious about your work, and it gives you a better understanding of your next potential job.   

Do Your Homework

Doing a little bit of “homework” before a big interview can really set you up for success. I recommend candidates do a a little research on the company to learn more about their products or services. As you are researching you can also start to make connections on how your skills will add value to the client. For example, if the company focuses on aerospace engineering and you have previous experience working on sensors, aircrafts or radars, you should share this information with the hiring manager. This is also a great time for you to jot down specific technical questions that you have for the interview. By doing your homework and researching the company ahead of time, you’ll be putting yourself in a better position as a candidate. 

Get Organized

One of the benefits of working with a recruiter is gaining additional insight on the interview and hiring process! They’ll typically be able to share a little on the type of questions to prepare for and provide some background on who you will be interviewing with. There are also basics that we need to check off your list prior to your interview:  

  • Give yourself at least 24 hours to do homework and get organized
  • Double check the date, time and time zone of the interview
  • Test the links and your internet connection to prevent technical issues
  • Make sure you are in a quiet area to avoid distractions

Being on the job market and actively seeking a new role can feel like a job within itself but it doesn’t have to. By preparing and getting organized, you are more likely to set yourself apart from other candidates and create a strong first impression with the hiring manager. If you need help with interview preparation, please contact us today and let us help you secure your next position.