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The Challenge:  

A large product development company that supplies materials to large airplane manufacturers took on a project that required C level certification expertise. The biggest challenge for the client was the lack of experience on their team to obtain a C level certification. Triple Crown was already working on a smaller low level embedded project which included writing the code and testing their low-level software and maintenance systems when this problem arose.  

As the client started to fall behind on their project, they approached Triple Crown to review and analyze their software program. It was quickly brought to the client’s attention that their leadership team had never executed a software program to this level of certification which concluded the need for an organization change.  

The Solution:  

Being able to deliver this certification was extremely important to the client and Triple Crown was able to worked in conjunction with their leadership team to achieve this goal. The first step was to utilize our Program Manager to help outline their deficiencies while also providing a higher schedule to get the client back on track to hit their project milestones. In doing so Triple Crown took on more responsibility by taking ownership of the software program and putting the following tasks in place:

  • Automation testing for the environment  
  • Deployed 14 aerospace experts  
  • Added a hardware tester  
  • Assembled higher schedule  
  • Handled all customer interfacing meetings  

With the support of Triple Crown’s aerospace SME these immediate actions increased development, productivity and secured the client’s flight and pilot interface project. 

The Result:  

 Triple Crown was able to accelerate the client’s software program in the following areas:   

  • Maximize efficiency: We were able to save the client time and complete the project 8 months head of schedule.
  • Resource savings: By increasing productivity with our aerospace experts, we were able to save the client time and money by completing the project ahead of schedule. 
  • Customer satisfaction: The client was extremely satisfied with Triple Crown’s ability to identify their technical deficiencies, provide engineering solutions and manage the project to completion. 
  • Long term partnership: The client requested that Triple Crown act as their IPT lead for software and the client transitioned 2 of their 5 labs to Triple Crown’s facility for execution.