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The Challenge 

This aerospace and defense client has been setting industry standards for over 35 years. The client primarily focuses on designing and manufacturing mission critical electronics and software systems. They accepted a large project to build black boxes for airborne systems and soon ran into a resource challenge. As they approached the phase to build the firmware, the client was not able to move forward due to their lack of talent resources to complete the firmware development. 

The Solution 

Triple Crown’s Talent Services team had been engaging with the client for over two years, and were equipped to provide engineering solutions that addressed their resource needs. The client was impressed with the level of expertise that our candidates offered, and immediately started to execute our hiring recommendations. We advised them to trust our pre-vetting process and make hiring decisions after one interview. Within a 2-4 week period, a high-speed board designer plus 14 embedded and FPGA design experts started, transforming their talent resources.

The Result 

Over the course of six months, Triple Crown’s talent resources were part of various software and hardware projects for this aviation, aerospace and defense client. We solved their firmware development challenge, and now serve them as the exclusive and preferred vendor to support their evolving project needs.