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Why extension methods are making Android developers – happy?

What wouldn’t you do for extra time in your day? From the looks of it, Google totally gets it. At least when it comes to Android developers.

Google blessed Kotlin as an official language for Android development last year and recently released extension methods, called KTX, that abstract away large chunks of commonly used code.

The result? A more concise and idiomatic coding experience that makes developing for Android, well, more pleasant. Here are three things we personally like about KTX:

1. Need for speed.

KTX helps shorten code for select Kotlin functions – a benefit that really makes its mark in larger Android projects. Nix the unnecessary speed toward the finish (or QA) line! What’s more, KTX empowers developers to write shorter, more readable code without sacrificing stability or performance.

2. As nature intended.

An API layer atop the Android framework and Support Library makes Kotlin code more natural, including more readable and natural syntax. KTX aims to limit frustration with the awkward or just plain dumb ways code must be manipulated sometimes to make functionalities work.

3. To infinity and beyond!

In Google’s own words: “Today’s preview launch is only the beginning. Over the next few months, we will iterate on the API as we incorporate your feedback and contributions.” KTX is a living project. Google launched the beta in May, as part of the Android Jetpack, a set of libraries for accelerating Android development. With beta in play, Google’s paving the way for features, stability and a final version as part of the Android Support Library that will make developers’ days.

Google’s overture to developers – creating a more positive and efficient coding experience – speaks volumes of its competitive mindset for increasing Android adoption, functionality and use. Making developers happy, faster and efficient is a great way to our hearts.

Triple Crown gets that, too. We’re eager to see how resources, like KTX, can help the talented developers we place with top companies operate with more speed, reliability and satisfaction. Happy developers pretty much always result in happy clients – and amazing technology products.

Putting KTX to work on an Android project? I’d love to learn how it’s helping your Android development – and if it’s boosting your relationship with the platform. Email me at and tell me about your latest project and what you’re eager to work on next.