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November 14, 2018, Costa Mesa, Calif. – Triple Crown Consulting, a technology recruitment firm filling hard-to-find senior tech roles through its vast talent network, announces the opening of an office in Costa Mesa, Calif., to grow its West Coast business and support the company’s rapid growth goals. The Costa Mesa office will be led by Steven Burke, a senior Triple Crown employee, who is currently hiring a group of hard-working and enthusiastic sales and recruitment professionals to create the Southern California team. The office will be located at The MET, 575 Anton Blvd., Suite 930, Costa Mesa, Calif., 92626.

Dave Smith, Co-Founder of Triple Crown, said, “Our West Coast business has been growing, and today more than a third of Triple Crown’s technology talent resides in California, two-thirds of whom are in the Bay area, and the rest in Southern California. Opening the Costa Mesa office will allow us to have a team on the ground in Southern California to continue to support and expand our business throughout the region.” Smith added, “Steven Burke is the company’s top performer across the board. He’s the perfect candidate to start and lead this new office for Triple Crown.”

Burke will open the Costa Mesa office in January 2019 and is actively hiring account managers and recruiters during the months of November and December. He and colleague Alexia Lussier, Sales Team Lead, are both transferring from the Triple Crown San Jose office, and the two of them will be hiring up to 10 employees to start.

Triple Crown’s Costa Mesa office is located at The MET, a new amenity-rich office campus. The site touts amenities including food trucks on “Food Truck Runway,” an outdoor gaming area and café and a rejuvenation center. The rejuvenation center, designed for tenants to take care of their mental and physical health, includes private shower suites, a refreshment bar, massage chairs, sleep pods and a yoga room.

“There is so much talent and business in the Costa Mesa region,” said Burke. “Colleges and universities throughout the area are graduating top talent. As a native to the area, I’m excited to bring Triple Crown to Costa Mesa and foster a team of passionate recruitment and sales professionals to help build clients’ best-in-class tech teams.”

Burke began his career with Triple Crown in 2014, when he earned the title and award of Rookie of the Year. His philosophy, that every individual has the opportunity to be as successful as they want to be based on the work they put in, has driven Burke to quickly advance his career at the company. Through hard work, communication, relationships and generating value, he has exceeded expectations in growing Triple Crown business.

The Costa Mesa office will be Triple Crown’s fifth office, following Austin, Scottsdale, San Jose and Portsmouth.

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For more information about joining the Triple Crown Costa Mesa team, contact Steven Burke at

About Triple Crown Consulting

Triple Crown Consulting fuels the digital economy with senior, project-based software and hardware technology professionals. We specialize in filling software and hardware roles across all high-tech industries, from military technology development to consumer electronics, semiconductors, artificial intelligence, machine learning, aerospace, automotive and more. Giving us speed no recruiting agency can match and relationships no recruiting technology can form, our unique, unrelenting recruiting model results in ready access to sought-after technology innovators.

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