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You don’t have to look very far – or recruit for very long – to understand that the demand for top hardware and software engineering talent is high. 

Unemployment in this space is hovering at or below two percent, which means the best hardware and software engineers, like yourself, are likely interviewing for multiple positions, regularly. 

But what motivates engineers to make a move? Everyone is inspired to make a career or project move for different reasons. For most, it comes down to a handful of key factors:


The clients I work with on a regular basis understand that seeking the best of the best in hardware and software engineering talent often means being open to flexible work schedules or remote-based work. For contractors, this means living where you want and working with a variety of companies from endless locations.


Contracting engineers today are motivated by the type of work they will be doing. They care about the hard-earned skills they’ll be able to put to good use by accepting an exciting opportunity. If the project is new product development, R&D work, or if they’ll be working on brand new, cutting-edge products – exciting projects are key. In technology, it’s easy to get classified by your most recent contracting gigs. For this reason, contracting engineers always factor in the type of opportunity before accepting


Cutting-edge comes at a cost. Top hardware and software engineers know their worth and are paid for their technical capabilities, but also for their soft skills. It’s one thing to be good at what you do, but it’s also extremely valuable if leadership and management skills are top notch.  Lastly, if your communication skills are on point it helps in delivering a project better and faster. 


As they say, timing is everything! It’s all about the right opportunity at the right time. Clients are adapting to the increasing demand for hardware and software engineers by cutting back on drawn out interview processes – some are even making hires based off of resume reviews or brief phone interviews – and it’s drastically decreasing time to hire rates. 

If You’re Not Already, Here’s Why You Should Consider Contracting Opportunities as a Hardware or Software Engineer

You’ll Stay Relevant.

Contractors are usually the ones using the latest and greatest technologies. Plus, not being in a full-time, permanent position means you’ll always be trying new things. You won’t get stuck doing any one thing. 

You Get to Call the Shots.

Due to its varied nature, engineering contractors get to try out different tools and technologies and work on different projects. The exposure doesn’t stop there!  Often there is also gained knowledge in different industries, functional areas, and locations (when you’re not working remotely).

You Become an Expert.

Even if you’re already a senior hardware or software engineer and you know your way around a project, there’s always something more to learn. Contracting through a company like Triple Crown, means your work will be rewarded – by either getting additional project work, which you can refuse or accept, or by taking on more work in your next contract. No more waiting for executive recognition or promotions that may never happen. In contracting, you give yourself promotions by performing well and becoming a go-to expert.

You Make More. 

In addition to a higher hourly compensation, contracting engineers are also frequently exposed to more opportunities – like, seeing how other teams work, attending trainings, and networking with fellow contracting experts. All of which generally leads to more opportunity and more compensation for it. You learn more, you earn more.

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to contracting. Top-notch engineers quickly make it to the top of our short-list and are paired with our equally as top-notch clientele. It’s a win-win. 

Are you ready to consider a career in contracting? Let’s talk. Contact me at