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One thing that we value about our culture here at Triple Crown is building authentic relationships with our engineers. Trust is the foundation of any great relationship, but it must be built over time through effective communication. Streamlined communication with your recruiter may seem like a no brainer, but it is the depth and frequency of those conversations that ultimately impact your relationship and future opportunities.

Effective Communication

Two things that senior tech consultants look for when working with a recruiter is active outreach and consistency. That is what we give them.

Depending on your situation, our outreach can range from daily to monthly which Is more necessary than ever, particularly in these times.  The reality is our clients reach out daily with new and unexpected hiring needs. If we are not covering our bases, then chances are we could miss out on your next opportunity.

When I call to speak to one of my engineers, I genuinely like to know how life is going for them on a professional and personal level. I want to know the specific challenges they are facing in the job market, details about their current project, the technology they are interested in, what they did over the weekend and much more.

To be most effective when speaking with your recruiter it is important to be transparent and thorough about your situation. This means to really reflect on what is important to you. Some things to consider in your job criteria are skills, location and contract duration. The recruiting team is here to make mutual matches, and to position our engineers in best way possible.

Touch Points

Communication is key, but how we go about accomplishing it is equally important. Based on an engineer’s status we figure out what line of communication is going to work best, although we would like you to know that there is a palpable difference between texting vs. a phone call.  Speaking to someone over the phone is always our first preference whether it is with a colleague, client, or engineer, but we make sure to cater to our engineers and their schedule. If they are working in the lab, chances are they prefer a quick text or e-mail. If they are actively on the job hunt, then time is of the essence and there is no hesitation to give them a call about every new opportunity received, even if that means reaching out multiple times in a day.

Our Co-Founder Dave Smith says the one constant that we have is change and he is correct.  Life changes daily and If we do not actively speak to every engineer then we are doing you and our organization a disservice. Some may find it overly aggressive or say that we overcommunicate but really, we are protecting all parties by making sure we are presenting you with opportunities and feedback. Having an open line of communication is what molds our relationship into a partnership.

It is a new age of recruiting and it is our responsibility to start building that rapport on the first conversation. Communication is really the glue to our contractor relationships with our engineers; this is what catapults us from the first hello to your third assignment with Triple Crown.