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It’s officially Q2 and by now most companies know where their technology budget is going for the better part of 2019. So defining what’s trending isn’t really future-gazing, but detailing projects that are already well underway. And like most things, you can follow the money to know what’s a priority and what’s coming next in the tech sector.

2019 is shaping up to be a year full of fine-tuning – sequels of the innovation we’re already somewhat familiar with. That means less historic breakthroughs and more continued groundwork for projects in the world of artificial intelligence, machine learning, enterprise virtual reality and augmented reality, autonomy technology and smart robots.

For hardware and software engineers doing foundational work to make these innovations possible, many current projects are centered around technology that’s starting to become more mainstream. Some are further along in adoption than others – I don’t think we’ll see everyone make the switch to smart or self-driving cars just yet – but all of them are bringing a new sense to what’s possible and what life will look like in a few short years. And all of them are being invested in now.

Hardware and Software Engineering: Jobs In-Demand

Location, company size, project type and the talent market will ultimately determine starting salary in hardware and software jobs, but the field is competitive and ripe with exciting work to be done.

Here are Triple Crown Consulting’s top five engineering jobs at the moment:

Embedded SW/FW Engineer

The platforms and operating systems will vary depending on the role and the company, but these engineers design and develop next-generation technologies, systems and components, working with codes and drivers to enhance and build new systems. They are responsible for investigating, designing, developing and testing as they apply their technical skills to older software and systems to add more features and functionality.

Employment Outlook: Of the 1,529 Embedded SW/FW contractors in the Triple Crown network, 270 are available right now. That means over 80 percent of the contractors we know specializing in Embedded SW/FW engineers are employed full time or on a project, which is why we are constantly seeking more of these engineers.

RTL Design Engineer

Register-Transfer Level (RTL) Design Engineers carry out design work to transfer data from one register to another. Their work models a synchronous digital circuit, where there is a flow of digital signals (data) between hardware registers.

Employment Outlook: Nearly 85 percent of the 673 contractors in the Triple Crown network are currently employed. We know 102 RTL Design Engineers available for work right now.

DSP/FPGA Engineer

FPGA Engineers will have demonstrated knowledge programming FPGA devices, and specifically DSP/FPGA Engineers will have a background in DSP with an emphasis in communications theory.

Employment Outlook: Also with an 80+ percent rate of employment right now, of the 921 contractors in the Triple Crown network, 155 are available.

Full Stack Developer

A Full Stack Developer is an engineer who handles the work of databases, servers and systems engineering. Depending on the project, development work may be within a mobile stack, a web-based stack or an application stack native to the organization.

Employment Outlook: There are 43 Full Stack Developers available out of the 249 in the Triple Crown network, which means nearly 83 percent are employed on a project or are currently in a full-time position.

ASIC Verification Engineer

ASIC Verification Engineers work with system designers and architects to test performance and validate hardware components and systems.

Employment Outlook: Eighty-six (86) percent of the 353 contractors in the Triple Crown network are currently employed full time or are currently on a consulting project. There are 49 ASIC Verification Engineers available right now.

If you’re a seasoned tech professional interested in any of the types of positions listed above, upload your resume here.

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