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This year has taught us so much about ourselves, team members and our organization. When everything started to shift in March including working from home, our team was presented with its own challenges. 

As the job market continued to change, we knew we needed to raise our standards and expectations to accommodate it. This would require more training, one on ones, position changes and a full focus on heightening productivity and efficiency. Although our culture is naturally competitive and resilient, a lot of change at once is uncomfortable and can be difficult to navigate. 

We not only asked our sales and recruiting staff to raise the bar and deliver but our organization also expected more from our support staff. Here is how we raised our standards and lead our team to success. 

Effective communication 

We were transparent with our team every step of the way. They knew what our plan was for the company and exactly how it would be executed. Our team made sure to communicate how the job market could affect us and what our new goals would be. As we made transitions to our team, we had to make sure to over communicate and actively listen. This involved our leadership team hosting more meetings, increasing one on ones and active outreach to the staff. 

Accountability matters

We utilized data from Cube19 to hold our team accountable. This analytics tool allowed us to maximize opportunities and to support our team members that needed more attention adapting. Holding our team accountable is how we were able to deliver and hit our new expectations. It was not easy and it is still not easy, but it has made us stronger. 

Have a resilient mindset 

Being resilient is a valuable trait to have whether you are new to a company or have worked there for several years. Since we are in the business of working with people and delivering services the landscape is forever changing, so we coach our team to be resilient when something falls through. We had the honor of a guest speaker talking to our organization about facing your fears and asking yourself what’s the best that can happen out of the situation? This gave our organization the resilient push that we needed. 

Everything that we accomplished this year is something to celebrate. Our company has done an amazing job pivoting and raising the bar. It has been such a disruptive year for everyone and to still be able to run a successful organization this year speaks a lot to our team’s ability to adapt and be resilient.