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For candidates and recruiters alike, navigating the job market is a balance of reaching common goal of job placement while not busting boundaries along the way.

After the market crashed in 2008 and millions of people lost their jobs, recruiters drove the market by being able to choose among sometimes hundreds of highly qualified applicants for a given job. As the market gained stability, candidates then sat in the driver’s seat with recruiters knocking on their door with open positions accompanied by competitive salaries to win over top talent.

Now, the playing field has come to (somewhat) even ground, where recruiters and candidates are called to put in the same amount of effort to create a win-win job situation. As the market continues to evolve, candidates and recruiters are placing a larger emphasis on networking and cultivating relationships that can lead to many future job placements.

So what does that mean? How should candidates network with recruiters to create a circumstance where they can go back to the same recruiter after a project ends to line up another job? Here are some tips gathered from top Triple Crown recruiters around the office:

  1. Update your Resume
    For candidates on the job market, one of the most important items is to always update your resume in detail with your relevant experience and skill sets after any placement. Especially when looking for a job in technology, it’s important to note your exact certifications, software and/or hardware experience, the type of developer you are, etc. Candidates need to remember that recruiters aren’t always technical experts themselves and are paying attention for specific buzz words such as C#.NET/MVC, JAVA, Linux and more when trying to identify job opportunities that would work for you.
  2. Be active on social networks
    Social networks, especially LinkedIn are go-to places for recruiters to connect with candidates. When turning to LinkedIn to discover job opportunities, join groups and connect with recruitment companies that align with the type of job you’re looking for. When connecting with a recruiter, personalize your connection message and state why you would like to connect with that recruiter. Typically, such a message includes asking if your skills and experience are something the recruiter is looking for.
  3. Have an open mind
    It’s rare that a recruiter has an opportunity that perfectly matches what you’re seeking. Sometimes, recruiters have opportunities that are in a different location, push you to learn a new software, or go outside of your comfort zone to manage a team. Even if the opportunity doesn’t match exactly what you had in mind, it could end up being a project you love and opens doors for new experiences that advance your career in the future.
  4. Trust
    Creating a trusting relationship with a recruiter is essential in setting yourself up for success. When you have a trusting relationship with a recruiter, you’re the first person a recruiter calls when a job becomes available. Now, the trust comes from both you and the recruiter proving your loyalty. Work hard for the recruiter after they place you on a job so that they know you’re someone they can count on to work on a project and get the job done. This way, even if your skills don’t align perfectly with an open job, the recruiter will be your biggest advocate in pushing your skillset to their client because the recruiter trusts you to put forth your best effort.

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