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Triple Crown Consulting - Why all companies should think (and hire) like a tech company

Whatever your business is, it’s time think and strategize like a tech company. In order to keep up with the times, beat out competition and attract the best and brightest talent, leaders of organizations in all industries need to adopt a tech-like mindset. With every tech company on the lookout for software engineers and other in-demand tech skills, it’ll be hard for other organizations to snag quality candidates without adjusting their methods.

So, what exactly sets a tech company apart? Adaptability, speed and culture are a few traits of the tech world that make a big difference in hiring and business growth. In this blog post, we’ll explain what you can do to operate, hire and be more competitive in any industry.

Focus on your value proposition

What makes you successful? What are you offering your customers that no one else is? These are the things you must define for your business and focus on every day. Tech companies do this well and are careful not to get distracted by side projects or competitors. Instead, focus on what you do well and continue to find ways to do it even better.

Be consumer-focused

Solve a problem for your customers. What barriers do your customers face? What do they truly need and how will you provide that? Then, find out how you can best deliver your product or service to them. Don’t make them work or change their habits, because they won’t. If you offer something fantastic for consumers, find the best way to get it to them. Again, this is where tech companies excel. They are known for focusing on customer experience and providing exactly what the customer needs, sometimes before customers realize what they need!

This means, if you need a new platform, delivery method or communication tool, you must create it. Don’t wait for a tech company to develop it for you. Bring the project in-house and use your own data and tools to build the best solution for your customers.

Be adaptive and open to new ideas

Tech companies are known for moving quickly and adapting to new ideas and environments. Your company must do the same. If something isn’t working, it’s time to create a new plan. In order for this to work, there must be systems in place that track and measure the progress and success of your current operations. Then, as soon as something isn’t working or there’s a way to make it better, you move on it.

Again, this might mean developing new technology or partnering with a company who can help you do so. It also means fostering a culture of innovation and acknowledging employees’ ideas.

On top of that, pay attention to what your competitors are doing. If they’re missing something, take advantage of the opportunity to do it better. This is where speed plays a role in success. Capitalizing on these opportunities only works if your team can do it quickly and well.

For this, the IT department cannot work in a silo. While tech may not be the product you’re selling, it’s a big part of your business’s success and therefore should be part of the business strategy. Give your IT team room to innovate and build communication pathways between departments.

Hire for culture fit and potential

Last but not least, hire like a tech company! For tech companies, talent is everything and this should be true for your company. Put time and effort into hiring well and it will create a positive, innovative environment at your organization. Hire for culture fit and pay attention to potential rather than relying on specialized degrees or experience in specific roles. Remember tech skills are vital, even for non-tech employees.

Consider building or improving an employee referral program. Use social media to find and source candidates. And focus on shaping a positive employer brand that attracts talent. As we mentioned above, it’s important to recognize and incentivize innovation. If you encourage and appreciate your current employees by providing incentives and an atmosphere of innovation and inclusion, you’ll attract more employees who bring fresh ideas and a good work ethic to your team.

You may not think of your business as a tech business but you can still act like one to better serve your customers and your employees. For tips on recruiting quality tech talent, read these five tactics for improving your tech hiring strategy.