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In the dynamic world of engineering, misconceptions about engineering partners often delay project progress. Jeff Sabuda, Triple Crown’s Chief of Silicon, has over 25 years of experience leading hardware design teams and projects, and he is now an integral part of our services team. Jeff shares practical advice on navigating project timelines, team dynamics, and solving clients’ challenges. 

The Advantage of Contract Specialists

A manager’s apprehension often stems from not being familiar with the concept of contract engineers, which may lead to false perceptions about their abilities. As the world of engineering evolves, contract specialists are also adapting and upskilling by learning new and innovative technologies through various projects. This makes contract roles desirable for both their professional and personal goals.  

There is also a misunderstanding about the worth of investing in contract engineers. However, the real advantage is found directly in the ROI gained from the delivery of project milestones. Contract engineering specialists possess in-depth knowledge in their fields of expertise, allowing them to understand complex problems and effectively address them. Jeff stresses that even short-term contractors can serve a significant ROI, making them a great solution for managers who do not have the resource headcount or resources with a particular expertise to deliver their projects on time. 

Listening and Understanding Client Challenges

An engineering solutions partner actively engages with clients to thoroughly understand their needs and requirements, as it enhances the quality of service they deliver. For example, Jeff consulted with one of our Defense and Space Manufacturing clients for several weeks, taking time to listen to their pain points and challenges. This dedicated effort allowed Jeff to identify the core issues that they faced and create a day-to-day plan to address them effectively.  

By tailoring a proposal presentation, he brought clarity to the client and fostered trust in our capacity to transform their challenges into successes. Jeff now leads a project for this client, enhancing it with the expertise of a Linux Driver specialist, an Embedded developer, an FPGA designer, and a VITA 46.11 PCB developer. This underscores our dedication to cultivating client partnerships and embracing a consultative approach. 

Solving Problems and Providing Solutions

Jeff emphasizes that clients often encounter difficulties in staffing multiple projects simultaneously, which can impede project timelines and lead to burnout. He suggests leveraging our technical management specialists to assemble a dedicated team for project planning and ownership, to ensure project efficiency. By seamlessly serving as an extension of the client’s engineering team, they can enhance the client’s design team for a specific project, helping to refine project roadmaps, and guarantee on-time project delivery. 

If you’re seeking engineering talent for 2024 projects, Triple Crown is readily available to address your most challenging pain points. With the support of our award-winning Technical Recruiters, we offer quick solutions that come highly recommended. Take the first step by contacting us at to connect with an Account Manager today.