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Jorge Tenna was in Business Development with Triple Crown for approximately 10 months.  Jorge and I both went to Williams College. Ironically, I was not aware that Jorge was interviewing in our Campbell, CA office, and he was not aware that I was one of the founders of Triple Crown. Learning we shared the same alma mater was a pleasant surprise. Nobody loves Williams more than I do, so naturally, I took a special interest in his progress.

In his time with Triple Crown, Jorge functioned in a sales role, and he progressed at an above-average clip.  We were very pleased with his performance and excited to see him grow. He was on our radar as an up and comer and someone around whom we could build.

He left Triple Crown to pursue other interests, and these were his parting words to my business partner, Sabatino:

“Since graduating college I have been involved in various business ventures, but it was not until TCC that I more fully appreciated the competitive drive required to become successful. TCC allowed me to employ skills I had acquired previously and redirect them with more intensity. At TCC the difference between a successful and struggling employee came down to who got the manager on the phone. At that level of simplicity, the person that wants it more will get ahead.

TCC exposed me to an incredibly vibrant and powerful market, and to me represented the catalyzing agent. Here is where it happens – the driving force behind the curtains that pushes commerce. TCC allowed me to have first-hand exposure to how market fluctuations appear on the individual level, and how sales agents can influence whether things get done in the first place. I was and continue to be marveled by it.

I came to TCC hungry, and I leave even hungrier. I have other interests – in particular, socio-political concerns – that I cannot fulfill at TCC and that law school will allow me to pursue. I will approach them with the same intensity that TCC has shown me is necessary…This has been truly an invaluable experience.“

I’ve been in this business for nearly 20 years, and I’ve owned a company for the last 11. There have been many business accomplishments about which I can be proud, but hearing someone convey how much value our company added to a young man’s life is near the top.

Reading that someone we employed derived this level of value from a 10-month experience is inspiring to me. It is inspiring to Sab.

We have realized that our commitment to adding value is not as consistent with Jorge’s experience as it should be. We began asking ourselves if we are doing enough to ensure every team member shares a similar experience to Jorge. And the answer is NO.

So, I’d like to thank Jorge for taking the time to add value to Triple Crown. I’m glad we added value to his life over his time here, and I’m proud of whatever positives he took from the experience.

I’d also like to thank Jorge for inspiring us to re-commit to the Triple Crown Experience like never before. It’s our new mission statement to use these words as the foundation of what we expect EVERY one of our team members to learn while at Triple Crown. We must play a more prominent role in adding value to our team members lives, and we have developed a comprehensive plan to ensure we deliver.

Stay tuned for phase I of the plan: The Triple Crown Experience Team.