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In a recent study, Paysa found that companies worth at least $10 billion had something in common. They all need more software engineers. In fact, for nine out of the 10 companies analyzed, software engineer is the number one most in-demand job. For outlier Microsoft, it was the number two most-in demand position.

What makes software engineers so special? This blog has all the answers. And what’s more, we break down the skills required to be a good software engineer and get the jobs left open at these and other tech companies.

In an increasingly tech-savvy world, every company needs to think and work like a tech company. Every company needs software that works and integrates with other aspects of their business in order to provide a seamless customer experience and increase internal efficiency. From business application systems to operating systems and games, software engineers are needed to design and develop computer software that works and integrates well with existing tech.

To do this well, engineers need to know computer programming and agile development processing, but they also need to be analytical thinkers and problem solvers. Let’s break down each the skills required to succeed in this role.

Computer programming

Computer science is clearly important to succeed in this role. It’s often what aspiring developers study in school to start their career. Other options for majors are software engineering, math or another computer science-related field. In some cases, you don’t need a bachelor’s but a computer programming background is best.


Engineers need to know how to build something from scratch as well as integrate changes and updates into existing software. This requires strong coding skills. Whether you study it at school, attend a coding bootcamp or obtain certifications, be ready to show your coding abilities.

Attention to detail

Successful architects are organized and detail-oriented. Coding, testing, finding bugs and fixing issues require patience and attention to the smallest detail. One of the largest responsibilities of engineers is being able to identify potential issues in order to avoid any problems down the road and this skill steams from their ability to pay acute attention to detail.

Logical thinking and problem-solving

No doubt about it – you will face problems. How well do you analyze the issue, your work and test solutions? Are you able to work alone and with others to sort out the problem and find the answer? Being a software engineer requires structured thinking as well as the ability to think outside the box for the best answer.

Mobile development

Companies are increasingly mobile-focused and need developers to build apps and mobile operating systems. Do your skills translate in a mobile-first world? If you’re not presented with a chance to try one at work, build an app on your own or with friends to address a problem and use it to show off your skills.

Interpersonal skills

The ability to work well on a team, communicate effectively and have the desire to learn new skills are critical traits for a well-rounded software architect. No matter how many coding languages you know, if you can’t communicate with your team to sort out an issue, you won’t be much help to the team or company as a whole.

It doesn’t seem as though the need for software engineers is going away anytime soon. Hone those skills and visit our job board for open positions in your area. For tips on staying relevant and in-demand, visit our previous blog post.