What Triple Crown Clients Say

Triple Crown provides excellent support and follow-up. They were able to fulfill my needs in a short time and were extremely responsive throughout the entire process. I know I can count on Triple Crown. The staff at Triple Crown are committed to getting the job done—and done right.

Director of Test Development at a Major Semiconductor Company

We deliver the technical consultant and direct hire talent you need to aggressively compete in an ever-changing economy.

Current Offices

  • Austin, TX
  • Phoeniz, AZ
  • San Jose, CA

Future Offices

  • Boston, MA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Miami, FL
  • Denver, CO
  • Washington, DC
  • DSCN0065

    Spotlight on our New Austin Office Space

    In August, Triple Crown said goodbye to its second-floor Research Boulevard office space. We packed up our workstations on a Thursday afternoon, taped our names to our computer monitors, and we opened for business on Monday in our sparkling new office space at the corner of Jollyville and Breaker, its walls lined with windows that let in the sunlight, […]

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  • MattSaba

    Matt Saba Promoted to Director of West Coast Operations

    Effective immediately, I’m pleased to announce that Matt Saba has been promoted to Director of West Coast Operations.  He will continue to oversee operations in Campbell, and he will assume responsibility for our Phoenix location.  In addition, he will be heavily involved in and eventually oversee additional West Coast expansion that we have on the […]

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  • Employment as a ServiceTM

    Important: Triple Crown to Offer Health Insurance Benefits to Consulting Staff

    We are excited to announce that beginning November 1, 2014, Triple Crown will begin offering health insurance through Aetna for all consulting personnel. We will have open enrollment the week of October 6, 2014.  Our insurance partner, Watkins Insurance, will conduct several webinars the week of October 6 that will outline details of the plan which […]

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  • IMG_2909 (2)

    No Finish Line in Sight

    This weekend I turned 40. As this mystical milestone crept closer, I found myself considering 40 the summit of my life. As I sit here cresting what I thought was its peak, I’m grateful for every single mistake and failure I’ve made. From each has sprung a learning experience I otherwise never would have encountered. […]

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  • DSCN0020

    Triple Crown Celebrates Ten Years!

    Ryan Luckie, Chad Spencer, Nick Catley, and Kyle Raymond celebrating ten years of Triple Crown with this unparalleled dance-off.

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  • draft

    Austin Office Conducts Live Fantasy Draft

    Our Austin office conducted its old-school, live fantasy draft yesterday. History repeated itself as Zuy Do won the most befuddled post 6th round award. David Smith clearly has the team to beat. Joe Gomez bled orange in his draft. With any luck, Vince Young makes an actual team. Chad Spencer and John Finney would have […]

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  • yankeesstadium

    Brian Yack Wins Bi-Annual Sales Contest

    Congratulations Brian Yack for winning our Bi-annual sales contest! Brian and his wife enjoyed a long weekend in NY where they took in a Broadway play, a game at Yankee stadium, and enjoyed the all the culture NY has to offer. Stay tuned for pictures from Vu Ha’s forthcoming trip to Vegas. He won the […]

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  • Making a difference in your career

    Letting Go!

    Letting go of unhealthy habits, thoughts, feelings is often challenging, especially for control freak types. Most excellent sales people have these tendencies to some extent. Everyone is familiar with the 80/20 maxim. As counter-intuitive as it may seem, letting go of anything that falls in the non-productive 80% is pivotal for growth.   A case […]

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  • McGuire

    In Memory of Dan McGuire

    The Triple Crown family lost one if it’s members yesterday in a tragic car accident. Dan was truly the man! I met him for the first time in a senior class a SJSU. It was weird because I hadn’t seen him all semester but he showed up to the final presentation and nails it of […]

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  • Triple Crown employment as a service

    New Website Launch

    Triple Crown will celebrate its ten year anniversary in August, and much has happened in that timeframe. What began with two former DIII college athletes from Boston with some ambition, a bit of vision, and a drive to succeed has developed into the thriving organization with national reach and excellent employees it has become today. […]

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